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The winemaker and his estate

Nicolas Boudeau – a passionate winemaker

I was born in the heart of Cognac. I did my viticultural studies at the Lycée de l'Oisellerie in Angoulême, then fell in love with the terroirs of Beaujolais in 1999.

After several years of salaried activities in different areas of the region, I made my 1st wines in 2007 with small vineyard of 4 ha at Jacquets in Odenas. Over the years, I am expanding my plots in Brouilly and Beaujolais-Villages.

Currently my farm consists of 15ha including 11ha in Brouilly, 2ha en Côte de Brouilly and 2ha in Beaujolais-Villages. My work in sustainable farming and traditional wine-makinghelps give wines balance, aromatic power and a nice freshness.

“ Of a formidable and imperturbable calm, he follows his guideline and advances tirelessly. During winemaking, he transmits this tranquility to his wines characterized by a powerful velvetness. “

Michelle Boudeau – Attentive and caring

Daughter of four generations of winemakers. I like to share my passion for the great Beaujolais region- whose diversity and beauty of landscapes even surprises visitors.

With a BTS accounting in hand and more than 10 years of experience in the administrative wine world, I join my husband in the way he exploits our 15ha farm operate at all levels.

Vines and soils

Discover our vines which express the Terroirs Beaujolais.


Côte de Brouilly

This plot of 0.5 ha is located on the southern flank of Mount Brouilly.The deeply altered deep granite brings minerality to wines from this locality. 25 year old vine with a classic density of 10 000 ceps / hectare.



The area of ​​these plots is about 7.5 ha. The average age of the vines is 45 years with an average density greater than 10 000 ceps / hectare. Granite, the main element of this soil, is very deep and extremely weathered on the surface. This gives remarkably fine and fruity wines..



The plots of this locality extend over 2.5 ha. The average age of the vines is 60 years with an average density greater than 10 000 ceps / hectare. The nature of the soil, mixing carboniferous and siliceous rocks, gives the wines depth and roundness.



This 90-years-old on a soil composed mainly of siliceous volcanic rock offers complex wines with a lot of roundness and finesse. Average density of 12 000 ceps / hectare.



The average age of the vines in this 1.5 ha plots is 60-years-old with an average density of 10 000 ceps / hectare. Here the granite expresses all of its minerality and finesse.



The vineyards of about 40-years-old planted at a density of 10 000 feet per hectare on this plot 0.5 ha are located at 400 m altitude. The deep granite of this locality brings fruits remarkable pure.

Le Mont Brouilly

au fil des saisons

Mont Brouilly saisons - Hiver
Mont Brouilly saisons - Printemps
Mont Brouilly saisons - Été
Mont Brouilly saisons - Automnes

Our vats

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